Aristeia - Aristeia! Gata Flibusteira

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Is there something cooler than a pirate? Gata is the point thief of Aristeia! She steals the game from right under your nose. She’s elusive, mocking, and mischievous... If you think about a historical icon that represents those virtues, you inevitably will think about a pirate, who scoffed at the imperial armies while taking their booty.

Thanks to her popularity, Gata was the most likely to become the next character in Aristeia! to receive a new skin after Maximus, Parvati and hEXx3r. Several outfits were proposed for the young garota of Acontecimento, from a 'Rockabilly' theme, an outfit based on a 'rollerball' skater, to the skin that we present to you today: 'Pirate' cat.

  • 1 Model
  • 1 Initiative Card
  • 1 Character Card

Miniatures included are provided unpainted. Assembly may also be required.

Gata is not a complete game, you need a Aristeia! Core Box to play.