Aristeia - Aristeia! Lunah Elven Ranger

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Major Lunah is one of the characters with the highest Frags index in the AGL thanks to her startling accuracy. Transforming her into an elf was a challenge. From the beginning, it was clear she should carry a bow: it was the designer’s starting point. Aside from making this an exercise in fantasy, Aristeia!’s designer Alberto Abal had to be careful not to create something too similar to the high-tech archer - Dart. The nice thing about these skins is that it gives us the freedom to create something that we aren’t allowed to portray with normal Aristeia! characters. With this in mind, we thought it was time to bring to life the concept of an elven ranger that had been floating around in the back of our heads for so long.
  • 1 Model
  • 1 Initiative Card
  • 1 Character Card
Miniatures included are provided unpainted. Assembly may also be required.

Lunah is not a complete game, you need a Aristeia! Core Box to play.