Beast Kingdom D Stage World of Warcraft Jaina - DS-043

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Lady Jaina Proudmoore is considered as one of the most powerful mages in all of Azeroth, and more importantly the strongest human sorceress alive!

As the founder and former Lady of Theramore Isle, she managed to take leadership of the Kirin Tor, becoming the most respected sorceresses in the realm. During her time at the Kirin Tor, Jaina became obsessed with taking down the Burning Legion, and its crazed demons any way she could. Having succeeded in defeating their leader Archimonde, she ascended the ranks, becoming Grand Magus of the Kirin Kore and ultimate ruler of the Dalaran, a position solidifying her as a legend! 

The Entertainment Experience Brand is back again with the next instalment in the new World Of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth line of D-Stage dioramas!

Beast Kingdom proudly presents a new phase for character from the legendary series created by Blizzard. The newest release, focusing on Jaina: the Water Mage, depicting a strong and resilient sorceresses ready for the ultimate showdown with demons of the Burning Legion. With a focus on fine details, the character is filled with determination and the will for success! Every part of Jaina’s costume is delicately recreated, and the main water elemental is summoned right behind her with a translucent blue layer effect.

Product Features:

  • 6 Inch Classic World Of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth character diorama, 15-16cm in height.  
  • Delicately recreated character
  • Highly detailed finish 
  • Accurate representation of the powerful water based mage