DC Retro Batman 1966 Wayne Manor Library 6" Scale - McFarlane Toys

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Stately WAYNE MANOR is the luxurious home of millionaire playboy BRUCE WAYNE and his faithful ward DICK GRAYSON. When trouble strikes, BRUCE and DICK become the heroic BATMAN and ROBIN, a secret known only to their dutiful butler, ALFRED PENNYWORTH. GOTHAM CITY police commissioner JIM GORDON contacts BATMAN directly using the red “BAT-PHONE,” hidden in BRUCE’S private library. When the “BAT-PHONE” flashes and beeps, ALFRED answers COMMISSIONER GORDON’S call for assistance and alerts BRUCE and DICK. Activating a button hidden in the bust of William Shakespeare, BRUCE reveals the secret entrance to the BATCAVE, concealed behind the bookcase. The DYNAMIC DUO slide down the "Bat-poles" to the BATCAVE, ready to bring justice to GOTHAM CITY!


  • Based on the classic 1960’s TV show
  • POP! SMACK! BANG! For a trip down nostalgia lane, bring your favorite Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder, and any other McFarlane Toys Batman 66 figures in for all the action!
  • Wayne Manor library includes sliding wall to secret Batcave pole entrance
  • Accessories also include phone, statue, lamp, desk, dresser, chair and globe
  • Packed in a closed box with the iconic old school look of the the 1960’s Batman series

** Action Figures not Included **

Recommended for ages 12 years and over.