Dune 7" Stilgar Build-A Beast Rabban - McFarlane Toys

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Leader of the Fremen warriors of Dune, Stilgar is revered as a man of great wisdomborn of a deep symbiotic relationship with the dangerous wilds of Dune. A born survivor, Stilgar will do anything to protect the sacred sands of the desert world his people have made home.


  • Stilgar is featured in a Fremen Stillsuit that enables the human body to survive in sun scorched open deserts of Arrakis.  
  • Stilgar comes with a crysknife, fremkit, base and the piece to the Build-a Rabban figure. 
  • Collect all additional Dune figures! Dune McFarlane Build-a line: Lady Jessica, Paul Atreides and Duncan Idaho. Sold separately.  
  • Incredibly detailed 7” scale figures based off the 2020 motion picture Dune 
  • Designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing and play 
  • Each figure comes with a base and with various character specific accessories

Recommended for ages 12 years and over.