Halo Infinite 4" UNSC Marine and Grunt Conscript Action Figure 2 Pack

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Enter the heat of battle with this 4” “World of Halo” Two Figure Pack! The might of the UNSC clashes with diabolical alien forces as a UNSC Marine equipped with a Battle Rifle faces off against the Grunt Conscript wielding a Needler! Inside this Two Figure Pack you’ll find two fully articulated figures, each with a weapon accessory and terrain stand, that are authentically detailed and scaled to appear as they do in the Halo Infinite video game.

  • Features 1 UNSC Marine figure, 1 Grunt Conscript figure, 1 Battle Rifle Accessory, 1 Needler Accessory, & 2 Terrain stands.
  • Both figures are fully articulated for maximum playability and posing possibility!

Recommended for ages 8 years and over.