Transformers War for Cybertron Golden Disk Collection Chapter 3 Mutant Tigatron

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The Golden Disk is a powerful artefact with the ability to reveal knowledge of the past, the future, and of the infinite possible destinies throughout time. Discover an alternate timeline in which the quantum surge that mutated many Maximals and Predacons into Transmetals, goes very differently.

The quantum surge kills all Maximals and Predacons, except Tigatron. He survives, but the surge left him severely mutated, aggressive, and savage. He doesn’t remember his allegiance to the Maximals, and another survivor plots to take advantage.

Mutant Tigatron figure converts to tiger mode in 22 steps. He comes with his classic Quasar Cannon and tail whip accessories.

Includes: figure, 2 accessories and instructions.

Figure scale: 7 inches

Ages 8 and up